Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is it possible...?

Seriously?  11 months?  Well, I knew when I posted the videos that I would probably take a break since having a new baby would be time consuming...but 11 months!  I really need to not do that again.  I have too many things to post about now and WAY too many pictures.  I tried so hard to get the pictures in order from last spring until now but failed and now I am tired of playing around with them so I will try and caption them to the best of my ability.  Enjoy! (Oh, and this only goes to December 2012, not counting Christmas) :)

I came across this and had to post.  One of the many times in the hospital, in labor, but no baby.  Stubborn little girl.

 Since my diet was dairy free at this point, this was my amazing birthday dessert!  Yummy!

Mommy and her babies, snuggling in bed.  

 Sophie on her blessing day

 And, I'm spent...
 Gavin: "I wanna be a pretty princess too!"
 What a smile!
 Fun at Symphony on Prairie
 Well, Prince is in the diaper bag of course
 Aunt Heather and Lexi at the Symphony
 My genius son wanted a he built one.
 Uncle Chris and Sophie at the Symphony
 Gavin feeding birds at the zoo
 Grandpa, Ava, and Sophie at the Symphony

 Lexi feeding birds at the zoo
 Summer night much fun!!

 She really isn't picky.  Food, tables, whatever is around.
 Gavin made a choo-choo! Such a creative little guy.  I love how much he uses his imagination!

Our awesome pumpkins!

 I don't feel like we have very many pictures of all three of them.  Such sweet siblings.
 Gavin the scary dinosaur!!!

 Lexi took a big step this year and got her ears pierced!!  She was so nervous but did a great job and I think she is pretty happy she did it.  

 We took Daddy to a fun putt-putt, go cart racing place for his birthday.  We had such a fun time!

 Amanda and Brad came to visit shortly after Sophie was born.  We enjoyed having them around and miss them so much now!  

 We had to say good bye to our very good friends the Katschke's this summer as their family ventured to Germany.  They were such amazing people and have helped our family more than they will ever know.  Our kids were such good friends and we really miss them so much!  This was one of their last days playing together.  

This summer was also a very pivotal point for Ryan.  All in the same week he was given a job at the place in town he really wanted to work at and he won not one but two Emmy's!!!  We were lucky enough to go to the awards ceremony to celebrate.  It was so fun getting all dressed up and getting out without the kids.  I'm very proud of him and all of his accomplishments!  

The rest of the summer was filled with lots of playing and trying to stay cool.

 Gavin turned 3 this summer which means that in January he started going to Primary.  This has been a challenge to say the least, but he is beginning to do much better and loves having Mommy in there with him.  :)
 Lexi and I had a spa day before I had to go back to work.  So much fun getting out with this sweet girl.  Ready to do it again!
 Lexi was able to go to Tulsa for the 4th of July with Grandpa and Ava.  She had fun playing with cousins and of course, swimming.

Spiderman eating his happy meal...nothing weird about that, right?

These are the kids watching the fireworks this summer.  I was so surprised.  Neither one of them cried.  Gavin just held his ears the whole time, but both were mesmerized.  

 That face...
 Best buddies

 Just because flowers...those are the BEST!

 Lexi's first day of 4th grade!
 Not too long into the 4th grade and Lexi fell and hit her head at school...won herself a trip to the ER.  Only Lexi...

 Something about a sister's touch...Sophie very rarely fell asleep in people's arms so this was kind of big!
 During one of our big storms last year lightning hit a tree outside of the kid's room.  Gavin was in there playing and I don't think I can stress the amount of fear he felt.  For months we heard about the lightning...he wouldn't sleep in his room for so long. 
 Sweet Lexi turned 10!  She's double digits now...crazy!!!

 She chose to take a trip to Brown County to swim and that girl!
 The day we got home it rained...and we came home to this on our deck.  HAIL! Craziness!
 These next few pics I just couldn't take out.  Love how sweet they are with each other!

 Lexi was given an award in class for outstanding citizenship.  Very proud of her.  Of course I couldn't get a good picture...

 Gavin loved flying to Boston!  

 Sophie did too!  All the kids were wonderful on all the flights.  

Riding the subway

Walden Pond was amazing!  Probably my favorite part of the trip.  Such an amazing, peaceful place.

Some pre-Christmas fun at the zoo!